I guess the title won’t be to catchy. After all, it’s my habit to say things like ” weh aku ngah koyak nih, hahha” to my friends out of nowhere when i met them. Serve me right, since 2nite, i deserved what i used to tell them >>> Koyaks

Referring to the date in which i posted this, it is undeniably true that some of my friends would know exactly the reasons for this very post. But yes, politely i asked them not to spoil the story to others, remain unnoticed and think as you are doing me a favor, a really important one.

So that was what happen. I’m not physically challenged, but rather emotionally. So far the most threatening of all. I was moved negatively by a short story of 2 hours and 30 minutes, the solution of a never noticed puzzle, and ultimately, a short story of nearly everything.

To others, it was nothing and meaningless. It should not be dragged to far until it come into my post(after months of silence). Yes, some said it is a rather gibberish matter and the acts of ever being bothered by it, would downgrade you. Oh thank you.

So should the story be spoiled here? perhaps not. To a friend who have been so supprotive and soothing this past few hours, thank you so much. It has been so helpful. So what with this post actually? Does it merely act as a medium to channel my obvious immaturity of looking at things? Oh, surely not.

So here goes, i always believe that people would have their own weak point, if touched directly there, would result in excruciating pain, be it emotionally or physically. So why would such a weak point exist? to let others hurt ya? or simply allowing you to realize how such a weakling you are. I would agree with the latter. No matter how tough you may look, this weak point exists. haha, so is there anything to be ashamed of? Nah, you better not. Besides, be grateful for it and appreciate this gift.

Weakness = Gift

I believe up to this point, many would laugh at me for such nuisance thinking. How absurd eh? to actually say a weakness would act as a gift. Just how is it possible for something that would bring you down should be treated as a gift? Well, to me, it is possible.

Apakah manusia mengira bahawa mereka akan dibiarkan hanya dengan mengatakan, ” kami telah beriman,” dan mereka tidak diuji? Al-Ankabut:2

Allow me to drag the discussion into another topic which i guess is related and need to be explained first. I’ll get back to this ” Weakness = gift ” discussion for sure. Based  on the verse  i quoted just now, clearly it shows how crucial is the role of ujian. Not that it is simply to hurt you in so many angle, but to test you. To differentiate those of the believers and those who are not. This ujian of Allah comes in many ways, unique to his knowing that would suit the receiver the best. Unique in a way that some may not think something would act as a ujian while others may think it is. His Ujian would vary with His creations, one that would hit the receiver correctly to touch hime/her on several aspects as He wanted. Nevertheless, it is our job to apprectiate it and those who take it correctly, would insyaAllah be rewarded successively.

So think again brothers and sisters, have you been tested before? Perhaps a larger proportion would say “yes” compared to “no”. Yet, how many would say they receive the ujian the right way? Well, nobody actually know though.

I’ve witness many immature acts of people who become outrageous over a test put upon them. They tend to blame others where in worse case, they blame the fate itself. Unfortunately, I’ve been in that lousiness once or twice, in which i regretted ever since. Praise to the Almighty, I can still act rationally and didn’t blame the fate for His doing though for couple of times, I’m deeply tested emotionally. And yes, at this point, it is advisable for everyone to check over the quote of Allah below,

Diwajibkan atas kamu berperang, padahal itu tidak menyenangkan bagimu. Tetapi boleh jadi kamu tidak menyenangi sesuatu, padahal itu baik bagimu, dan boleh jadi kamu menyukai sesuatu, padahal itu tidak baik bagimu. Allah mengetahui, sedang kamu TIDAK mengetahui. Albaqarah:216

Simply put, there are many things in which we don’t know yet we tend to think that we soooooo know about it. Hold back brothers and sisters, Allah never lies and the quote should remain as our guidance.

As I promised, I’ll get back to the Weakness = gift discussion. I’m aware that each of us would have our own unique way of looking at things, but please bear with me on this one. When I say that we should treat our own weakness as a gift, what i really mean is we should not let it be a hindrance to our path ahead. Instead, whenever we are tested on our weakness, look at it as a gift, a gift from Allah to differentiate us from the believers or the non believers. And yes, with this sentence, it also means that the weakness could differentiate us into the group of non true believers. Again, this depends on how we perceive and act upon it. If we look at this weakness as something that naturally IN US and let it control us, then we are much likely to book our tickets to dungeon which is meant for failures.

So when we look at this weakness as a gift, we should think of a wise way to overcome it or to be strong whenever we are tested by it. We should not merely accept it as our naturally-born-weakness-meant-for-us kind of thing. As we accept tests from Him with redha, no matter how hard it hits our weaknesses, insyaAllah, we are already on the right track.

Brothers and sisters, as i continue this post, I’m truly aware how much the message is beneficial to me and insyaAllah to all of you as well. With the title, ” Malam paling koyak???” it’s obvious that I’m having quite a hard time and hopefully with this post, it would help me as well as readers out there. Thanks to Him, I’m pretty okay now, though there’s a bit of emotional things that try to hit me from so many angle. Heh, let it be. Before I end this happen-to-be-my-longest-post so far, hereby is another crucial quote from Him that we should always remember,

Setiap bencana yang menimpa di bumi dan yang menimpa dirimu sendiri, semuanya telah tertulis dalam kitab(Lauh Mahfuz) sebelum kami mewujudkannya. Sungguh Ynag demikian itu mudah bagi Allah.

Agar kamu tidak bersedih hati terhadap apa yang luput dari kamu, dan tidak pula terlalu gembira terhadap apa yang diberikan-Nya kepadamu. Dan Allah tidak menyukai setiap orang yang sombong dan membangga diri. Al-Hadid 22-23