Once Upon a time in a kingdom not far away, there lives a boy who …… alright cut the craps out, here goes The Untold Story of Something…

This is the second sequel of a drama series of 3 actors, in which the actors are some what good friends. ‘You’ are one of them, that pathetically don’t realize that ‘you’ are actually not the main actor. So The ‘you’ acts with the story, always thinking that he is the main actor. Oh well, how sad. So came this one night, The ‘you’ talk with one of the audience who apparently enjoy the story. This audience is a very loyal one, who has been watching since the first episode. “Nice one” said The ‘you’. ” I never thought you ever watch it! haha” The ‘you’ added.The ‘you’ is talking happily with This Loyal Audience. They exchange thoughts on the story, things which they like in common. But well, that’s only the first part of the conversation. There’s more coming.

This Loyal Audience started to feel weird. The ‘you’ talk as if he’s the leading actor in the drama though This Loyal Audience know his is not. So they the conversation became a bit awkward, until the audience confess that he never watched the first sequel of the drama. He demands for The ‘you’ to tell him of the first sequel. He threatened that he won’t tell The ‘you’ some other important things he know of the story. The ‘you’ somehow resist to tell him at about the first sequel at first. He don’t like it. Besides, he hates it since in the show he IS NOT the leading actor and he knows that pretty well. In fact, he only acted on the last episode of the series.

So finally, The ‘you’ decides to tell him the story of the first sequel. And yes, by the look of it, it seems like the second sequel should start with The ‘you’ as the leading actor. The first sequel of the drama ends rather tragically for the leading actor but rather wonderfully for the ‘you’ who is not the leading actor. And in the second sequel, the previous leading actor do not act AT ALL. So that’s where The ‘you’ assumption comes from. He sooo believe that he should be the leading actor for the second sequel.

After what seems to be a rather sad confession from The ‘you’, This Loyal Audience of the second sequel starts to talk of his opinion. He thinks that The ‘you’ is STILL a non leading actor for the second sequel. Oh how sad. He expresses his view and The ‘you’ listen diligently. This audience also added that his thoughts is also the views of some other loyal audience to. He thought that The Another actor for this second sequel is actually the main actor. The ‘you’ starts to object with some justifications obviously. He said in this scene, bla2 and that scene bla2.

This Loyal Audience thinks for awhile, gives his view and to The ‘you’ utmost surprise, he don’t remember such a scene. He’s in doubt. Not to This Loyal Audience, but to himself. He do remember that he did not attend some part of the shooting and perhaps thats why he doesn’t know of the part which this audience is talking about. Started to feel disappointed, he agreed to listen more to views from This Loyal audience.

One by one, his tears of feeling rejected falls down his dry cheek. He started to believe This Loyal Audience and one by one, he realized that in some scene in which The Another actor is acting with the Third Lovely actor, it does prove that he is most likely the non leading actor. Like waterfall of blood, his tears continues to flow but not in the eyes of this Audience. Everything seems to make sense now to the ‘you’. The script from the Third Lovely actor, the weird action of The Another actor. Everything~

Suddenly, This Loyal Audience tell him not to worry. Somehow, from his observation on the past episodes of the seconds sequel( Yes, the sequel has not finished yet) he thinks that The Director is very intelligent with this show. “Huh?” sighed the sad The ‘you’. This audience confess that he thinks the non leading actor will somehow won the spotlight of the show, instead of The Another actor who is the leading actor. “Weird eh?” said This Audience. He somehow believes that the show will actually and in fact, already going to be The ‘you’ show. He continues with his views but this time the view is not based on previous episodes scenes, but rather on his ‘humanly’ sense. He says that eventually The ‘you’ will take all the credits along with the Third Lovely actor.

Expectedly, The ‘you’ starts to stop his pathetic falling tears. This Audience somehow continues, ‘ I honestly would favor The Another actor to win the spotlight and remains as the leading actor. Yet, we never know the decision of The intelligent Director. He, knows the best.” And there goes the story of the second sequel of a drama series regarding three actors, The Another actor, The ‘you’ and the Third Lovely actor.

Well, a good story should always comes with a lesson. The morale of the story should be, the final decision actually is in the hands of The Intelligent Director, instead of worrying, The ‘you’ should start entertain The Intelligent Director and prays for the best. THE END~