Yup rite, the beginning of everything. 23rd May 2009 marked another important event in my life- The day i ended my IB diploma program. Thanks to the All mighty, i managed to end the examination quite well. May He will reward all of us IB 07/09 students with the best result.

So here goes, the beginning of everything, the beginning of life after 2 years of tarbiyah in KMB. As one challenge goes down, here comes another one, perhaps a tougher one.

Currently I’m still in KMB spending the remaining hours with my beloved ikhwah… Thanks a lot to them, I’ll be bringing home lots of memorable memory.huhuh even now, i can already predict how sad i will be without them. Hurm…..

Well, maybe thats for now, a post which indicates my return to the online blogging world. InsyaAllah, this few months of holiday will allow me to post more important and meaningful messages to ikhwah and akhowat out there. WSLM