Back then in KMB, i used to have a habit which i guess some would not be pleased with it. But it’s okay, since i got something very meaningful from it. I actually learn something.

Some of my classmates and neighbours might have noticed this. I loved to spent my time in the class doing homeworks or pick up some books and add in valuable knowledge as much as i could. I did this mostly in my class, yet occasionally i did that too in the LRC or my room. Usually, when I’m in the class at late evening, it is already empty of students, leaving only me with my matters. As time passed by, I’ll get boring and my focus drop.

This is the moment when i’ll make my way on a little ‘visitation’. Yeah, I went to my neighbour’s classroom when there’s nobody inside. I know this may lead to something fishy, where some of you may think that i’m somewhat a thief or wutever, but don’t worry. I’m Not. Simply visiting others’ classes with no particular motive. As i mentioned before, i did this for a couple of times.

So here goes something. On my occasional visits, there’s one visit that i will always remember. This visitation took place in class M07*.  There’s nobody there, and i just walked around from table to table. Suddenly, something caught my eye.

On this table, there’s a crumpled paper which is arranged nicely at the conner end of the table. Being sensitive to a crumpled paper, all that’s left in my mind is to take it and throw it from distance into a bin. Being a bit addicted to basketball, my hands and mind will automatically being geared to a shooting position, whenever I get hold on such paper, items, or whatever. As I’m about to ‘shoot’ that crumpled paper, something just came in my mind telling me i should re-crumple it first. I hesitated, but soon decided to re crumple it. And yeah, i guess my thoughts are right this time. There’s a writing on it that really caught my attention.

****** kena tabah! sabar!

Alam nasyrah

Al baqarah:45

Al baqarah:216

Al hadid 22-23

Ad duha

I think i can still remember exactly what’s written on the paper… Perhaps there’s some part missing at the introduction. This person is talking to him/her self, calming him/her self. Yeah, During that moment, it was a time where almost all KMB IB students are physically and emotionally challenged with loads of assignments and works. I’m in that position too.

I checked and confirmed who this person was and i felt sorry to him/her. Somehow i know this person quite well yet i did not approach him/her to at least  say some encouraging words to him/her. But of course, he/she searched for Him compared to others and i believed He should have help him/her later. Alhamdulillah…

I learn quite a lot from this incident and i hope so as you.


p/s: I did not tell him/her that i actually came to him/her place and read something of his/her. Guess it’s better left unsaid. 😛