Yet another post after a so long blog-hibernation. But worry or curious no more because this would most probably the end of Warkah perubahan at wordpress. I don’t need to think long about ending this blog because my delays and excitement in updating in somehow kills the blog already. So yeah, this is THE END. (Yet still not thinking to properly terminate the account :P)

So here goes the story of the blog. Been activated in end of 2008 and to be terminated in midway 2010.  Thx a lot commentars and loyal viewers(Doubt do even have one :P).

Well, but my well being in the ‘virtual online world’ would somehow will not be the end. I’m focusing on my picture blogging at, my passion is truely into Message-Photography)

So folks, please DO visit my tumblr picture blog at


And DO comments and put advise or ideas on how to produce better looking and meaningful pictures in the blog. So then, cheers, and assalamualaikum.